The Face – sometimes an elusive front

This subject fascinates me – people aren’t always what they seem. Its so pleasing to find goodness in people, but that’s not usually what we remember.

I had totally forgotten about this guy, but was reminded about him by a co-worker from over 10 years ago.

Man accused of exploiting elderly woman resolves case

His name is Don Savage.  At first, I knew of him through my ex-mother in law.  She had been married to him and then divorced a few

months later after learning who he really was.  About a year after I had heard about that, he made his way to Utah where I met him in person.  He had been given a job at the local boy scout council, where I was working for a brief time.  I was concerned because I had heard about his shady past, so I told the organization leadership.  But they didn’t listen because they were deceived by him.  He was later fired for embezzling among other things.  This weekend, I was reminded about him when a friend sent me this link from a newspaper article from a few years back.  The article describes his relationship with an elderly woman he stole money from.  This man, Don Savage, deceived my ex-mother in law, the boy scouts, and the woman in this article.  In person, he’s a friendly guy.  He has a friendly face.  But in reality, he’s quite evil.

Another “face”, known as Rick Brown, was in the church congregation I attended as a teenager.  I never liked the

guy but that didn’t matter because our paths never crossed really.  I always thought he was “weird” because he liked ron brownto use the same pick up lines over and over on kids.  He’d talk about how the music from the New Kids on the Block was actually developed after classical music such as Bach.  He liked Michael Jackson, he was a huge trekkie (fan of Star Trek) and used these interests to start conversations.  What I didn’t know at the time, was he was actually luring boys into private time with him.  Later, I found out that he had abused boys in our congregation and was convicted for it.  He’s out of prison now. I see him on the streets of Oxnard occasionally.  He’s a transient.

Both men are despicable creatures.  Both have human faces, but hide dark secrets inside.  Luckily, the law has caught them both on some things.  But at least one of these guys is still free to harm others (Frederic Paul Brown, registered sex offender known as “Rick”).  I’m not sure about Don Savage.

Some of the lessons of life involve “learning people”, and for some, those lessons are quite difficult.