If you hire The HAMM Team to be your agent for the purpose of buying a home, we will:

1. help you find property using our MLS system (email is great!) 2. open up preferred properties for you to see and inspect 3.  draft your offer documents 4. negotiate your transaction to represent your interests  5.  manage the transaction  6.  inform you of your contractual duties during the transaction  7.  assist and coordinate your loan broker’s efforts with seller and escrow  8.  help you hire a qualified property inspector 9. give you the keys to your new home!

There’s actually a lot more to this process than the above, but that gives you a little outline.  We work on commission.  There are no upfront fees for this service.  If you desire to hire us, ask first to review our buyer-broker contract so you can see what our responsibilities are before you hire us, and what you commit to as well.  Its pretty straight forward, but important, because that is how you hire us!