Contact me about my marketing plan for your sale, and my competitive rates.


When do you pay for my service?  Upon closing.

Are there up front fees?  No, almost never.

Do you do short sales?  Yes.

Is it possible to keep my sale private?  That’s hard.  It is okay to not put up a yard sign, but the point of marketing the property is to be as public as possible and advertise a lot!

Do you do free consultations?  Yes.

Who chooses the list price?  You, the seller.

Do you sell investment property?  Yes.

I’m concerned about showing my property.  What are my options?  We can make any showing arrangement necessary to make you feel better about showing and selling your property.  We can have a staff member there, by appointment only, you can be there for the showing, we can limit the showing times, and of course, we can install a lock-box so that agents are able to show your property any time.

The contracts and paperwork seem difficult – can you help with that?  Yes, that’s my job!