Why do real estate agents put their pictures on EVERYTHING?

Business cards, yard signs, flyers, emails, etc.  Real estate agents seem to think they’re rock stars or something.  But if you ask one, they’ll say no, its about branding their business.

Is this really about branding?  I don’t know.  How many people will actually call one agent over another or remember you instead of someone else because of a face?  If that’s the case, that its just about remembering the face they see on the sign, then I’ve got a ton of ideas to make a memorable impression on prospective clients.  The one that really sounds good to me is to use a picture of me with my nose removed through photoshop.  I think people probably wouldn’t even notice.  But here’s why I think agents like to put their face everywhere – they want more “real estate dates”.

Real estate agents are often married people that are looking for a little excitement.  So this whole real estate “business” thing they think they’re doing is actually a game, or maybe like a dating site.  It makes sense, because the approach is to put the best looking picture of yourself out there and say cool things about yourself.  Eventually the agent meets his/her date and they go around to different places together.  Like a date, right?

The parallels are funny.  Like a dating site, the pictures are usually the best possible representation of the agent.  Its usually one of those get-lucky shots, in addition to probably hiring good photoshop editor to edit out the stink.  But when you finally meet the agent who appears in his/her pictures to be 40ish year old, probably pretty good looking, he’s actually 70 years old.  In fact, not only has he almost doubled in age, but in size, too.


I dabble a little in real estate dating.  I’m an independent real estate broker, based in Ventura County, California.  I divorced several years ago after 10 years of marriage, with 3 kids.  A few years later, I remarried.  Why am I here?  I’m actually just trying to do a little bit of real estate business branding actually.






I’m pretty athletic – I work out about every day.  I enjoy cycling as a primary workout.







1530592_10202993481859013_41805812_n      And, I love babies.

When we meet in person, I’ll try to be everything you expect and more – double the size, older, everything.  No let downs here!