Still, its a great time to SELL

If you had it on your mind to sell, at least in Ventura County, its still a great time.  Nationwide, our market may be starting to feel the top end of a hot seller’s market.  But sellers and listing agents are still reporting multiple offers on new listings, even in the past few days. That means there are still too many buyers per house that comes on the market. It can take months, if not a year to get through all these buyers. The question really is, which houses will be available to the buyers that are NOW waiting to buy, and have been waiting for a long time due a tight inventory. If you’re home is $500K or below, in many areas, you can expect to be “actively” listed for less than 1 month, sometimes less than 1 week! Contact me if you’re ready to sell and we’ll discuss getting you listed and sold soon.