Civil Liberties

There’s a large group of people who have reacted to the Edward Snowden leaks in this way:  the NSA has over-stepped and has violated constitutional rights, condemning the government for investigative programs designed to protect Americans.  What has been interesting to me is this – a large group of THOSE people also excuse illegal immigration.  There’s a contradiction here – enforce the law in one instance (no warrant-less search and seizure), but not the other (immigration law).

Through immigration policy, the federal government is able to control the ingress and egress of foreigners.  And of course, through immigration policy, much more is accomplished.  One major ability, through immigration policy, is KNOWING where those people are that have over-stayed their visas.  But in our relaxing of immigration policy and relaxing of the enforcement thereof, we allowed terrorists into our country who then attacked us in the worst way we have known since WWII.

Hopefully now you see that I am not advocating illegal NSA investigations.  I am advocating the enforcement of the law.  And if you find yourself upset about the NSA, take a step back, and think about Immigration.  And, listen to what’s actually being said by experts on this NSA scandal – the experts are trying to find out what benefit the NSA investigations actually have provided to American national security, but find very little.

But strict enforcement of immigration policy probably would have.