A good agent is like an Escort

What should you expect your broker or agent to do for you?  The one word answer is:  INFORMATION.  You need to be informed to make good decision.  Before you hire your agent, find out if the agent has a firm understanding of a buyer’s needs, the market, properties available, financing and everything other aspect you can think of.  Be sure to find out how well the agent communicates information.  Sometimes people don’t respond promptly to e-mails or phone calls and in a real estate transaction where time is of the essence, this could lead to a breach.  Do not sign a contract unless you are confident your agent will inform you properly and on time.

After you hire your agent,  your agent should give you a copy of the contract.  It can be an electronic file or hard copy.  That doesn’t matter.  What does matter is this:  you need to know the duties you and your agent have under the contract.  The agreement is like an employment contract.  It outlines what the agent is going to do for you.  The contract will provide clear and definite terms.  Most often, both you and the agent will have duties.  For example, if you’re hiring your agent to represent you to purchase a townhouse, the agent will have the duty to search for townhouses on your behalf and you would have the duty to respond to your agent and view the properties.  The contract will emphasize the duties of the agent.  If you’d like to see a blank contract before hiring the agent, that should not be a problem.

A good agent will not only market your property, or show you potential homes for sale, but provide an accounting of what th

escort image

e costs of the transaction will be, how much money you’ll get or how much money you’ll need.  A good agent will escort you into a real estate transaction with correct information, correct accounting, an understanding of risks where there are unknown factors, and will act in your financial interest as if it were his or her own.  So actually, this is like an escort only in once sense – the agent will accompany you throughout the transaction, but its actually much more.

If you were expecting the escort part to be some kind of sex talk, sorry.  Now you know I meant something else.  When you hire me as your agent to sell your property or to buy, I will escort you and do much more for you.  But nothing sexual.